Couldn't "bear" anymore; Wolves demolished 102-84

Pretty good pun, eh?

It’s hard to really describe what even happened tonight. The Wolves actually came out a played a competitive half in the first, even though the Grizzlies maintained a steady 8-point lead for most of the half. But for the most part we were still in it.

That was until the second half started.

The Wolves came out deathly stagnated, failing to get anything moving and/or motivated. The Grizzlies came out of the tunnel at the other end of the spectrum, completely suffocating the Wolves’ offense with stifling defense and a relentless offensive attack.

This game wasn’t worth my time, and neither is the write up. I left the game with 2:27 left in the third and I’m leaving this recap right now.

Feel free to comment on tonight’s atrosity.

Quick note: Kevin Love completed his double-double tonight giving him 34 consecutively. Whoopdee-doo.

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