Wolf Track: Wolves apart of Melo trade?

ESPN’s own Chris Broussard announced tonight that a potential deal that could send Carmelo Anthony to New York has been discussed.

The puzzling piece of all this is Minnesota’s involvement. According to Broussard’s report, the Wolves would send Corey Brewer and a first rounder to Denver and then receive Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph in return.

I understand that Kahn is looking for more defensive help on the front line — as he should — but does he really think Randolph and Curry could be the answer? I’ll answer that: Not even close. In this exchange, we’d be trading our best perimeter defender for a project forward — a BIG project forward — and an overpaid bench straddler. It goes beyond getting talent in return in this one, though. If there is any type of trade involving Brewer it needs to be something big. He’s quickly been dubbed a fan favorite despite his offensive inefficiencies. And receiving an iffy project and salary cap relief — like we need anymore — isn’t the big trade I was referring to.

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