Buzz-kill; Wolves beat Nawlins 104-92

Minnesota Timberwolves Guard Jonny Flynn (10) Scores As New Orleans Hornets Forward Sasha Pavlovic (6) And Center D.J.Buzz-kill, yeah I went there.

Unfortunately I was unable to park myself in front of a boob-tube to check this tilt out, and it truly is unfortunate. Road wins only come few and far between for our Puppies and tonight was indeed a big one. New Orleans is fifth in the West and the Wolves now have two wins on them this year. I call that improvement.

Here are just a few notes from tonight’s game:

  • Kevin Love put the team on his back (Warning: Harsh language) and carried the Wolves to victory tonight. Upon their trusty double-double steed, the others had wide open looks from outside all night and drained them. Love now has tied the modern-day record for consecutive double-doubles set at 37 by none other than Kevin Garnett. Clap, clap clap (That’s the sound of a standing ovation)
  • As I mentioned eariler, Love’s domination inside opened up the offense for everybody, especially Anthony Tolliver. He hit four three’s in the first half, as the Wolves went on to shoot over 40-percent from long range.
  • Jonny Flynn continues to impress. Slowly but surely, you can see him reeling some of that confidence and swagger back in. His movements are less timid and he’s attacking the basket with an open-mind. Luke Ridnour could very well come back to this team with his starting job in jeopardy.
  • Darko was a non-factor and hasn’t been for nearly two weeks now.
  • Corey Brewer only played 15 minutes. Weird…
  • I’m happy to see Lazar Hayward getting some more time off the bench lately. I think he has the potential to be a Ryan Gomes-like player in this league for a long time. Just produce on both ends of the floor day in and day out.

That’s really all for now. I apologize for not watching the game again and providing you with a better analyzation of the game. But, hey! A win’s a win!

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