Wolf Tracks 2/10

Just a couple interesting Tracks for you today. Take a look.

Timberwolves Tracks:

  • With just two weeks until the trade deadline comes, David Kahn opened his mouth and shared some of his thoughts/plans. He says a deal will be made, but whether that deal means them being involved in the Melo-blockbuster or a smaller side trade remains to be unseen. One thing we do know is that the moves they make will be both “surgical” and “tactical.”
  • More on David Kahn, remember when that Rubio article came out in the New York Times a few weeks ago that blew just a bunch of hoopla in our faces? Well, more is out concerning the Spanish phenom’s shooting woes this season. I’ll tell you one guy who’s not worried though: David Kahn. Go figure, right?
  • Here’s some more evidence that the Wolves will make a trade. They have just so many assets (Corey Brewer, first rounders, cap space) to make a deal. It’d shock me if they didn’t.
  • As of recently, the Wolves are missing some players, putting gaping holes in the starting lineup and rotations. Jerry Zgoda reviews how the Wolves’ bench and rookies have stepped in.
  • Part of the Wolves Care month, the Wolves and some children took over the Mall of America.

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