Wolf Tracks 2/15

As the Wolves continue to neglect playing basketball, I lose all desire to write about their distasteful results. But as my duty to serve you, the readers of Wolves fandom, I’ll switch over to self-motivate mode and give you the news. Without further adieu, here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Timberwolves Tracks:

  • The Wolves lost badly last night to the Portland Trailblazers. It’s the second time this year that Portland has rode majestically into the Target Center and sucked the life out of every player, coach and fan in the building. What can ya say — they got our number!
  • The game before that, which I also failed to write anything for, the Wolves took a step backwards and lost to the Philadelphia 76ers. Just as humiliating as last night’s loss, the Wolves, and their starters more importantly, just never came ready to play and paid the price for it.

Just a quick side note on these losses since I didn’t grant you a beautifully articulated recap as usual, these two home losses were a giant step backwards. After coming home from a decently successful three game road trip, where they took two out of three, you’d figure that coming home would only harness that momentum and propel them forward to a few more big wins at home. But instead, we witnessed a colossal meltdown of our reserve starters — the guys filling in for injuries — and a lost sense of purpose in both games, because, seriously, neither game was even close.

  • As we move forward, the trade deadline is hot on our radar. The Wolves newest, biggest, possibly most realistic target? Steve Nash. Marc Stein has been reporting that no other team has inquired for Nash more than the Wolves, as they hope to make a move for the savvy point guard to mentor young Ricky Rubio when he treads overseas.
  • More trade deadline buzz surrounds rumors that it’s only a matter of days until Anthony Randolph becomes a Timberwolf. Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that the only reason a one-on-one deal between Minny and New York hasn’t happened yet is because Donnie Walsh is still wading through the “Melo-drama.” It has been affirmed, though, that if just a one-on-one deal occurs, a late first-round pick will be the price the Wolves pay in order to get Randolph. Totally worth it in my mind.
  • The Timberwolves are holding their annual “Taste of the Timberwolves” event tonight at the Target Center.
  • Stephen Litel of the Downtown Journal writes how the Timberwolves have finally found a foundation to build around, Kevin Love.

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