Love him or hate him; Wolves edged by Clippers 98-90

Minnesota Timberwolves' Martell Webster, Right, Heads

Martell was oh-so close to breaking his back again. To lose him in another freakishly fall would be devastating.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: An exceptionally athletic budding star beginning his career in L.A., wowing crowds around the nation with stellar plays and amazing stat lines.

Led by Blake Griffin, the Clippers took it hard to the Wolves in the second half by out-hustling, playing great defense and sticking with their guns on offense.

Coming into this game with two offensive-oriented teams, you’d figure this to be a typical barn burner. But with a first half score of 43-42 and dismal shooting percentages, the ending was practically anyone’s guess. That is until the Wolves came out with zero energy.

Contrary to a first half of hustle and effort on both ends of the floor, the Wolves came out of the tunnel at half completely flat. The offense wasn’t running seamlessly through Darko anymore and there wasn’t any other takers willing to step up and take control in the half-court sets. Kevin Love, after getting his shoulder banged up and leaving the game, returned with little intensity and clearly wasn’t the answer. Martell Webster received the start tonight but didn’t have his smooth jumper falling from outside. Luke Ridnour was wild with his shot selection, dating back to his old self from the cold, weary November days.

All there was to cheer for tonight was Love’s double-double streak. He did indeed extend his streak up to 42 straight games, but who really cares anymore? When your team is playing this terrible as of late and all you have to root for is a pesky stat, it ought to be time to give up all hope. Not that I am in any way, but Love’s receiving a bulk of his stats in garbage minutes when the Wolves are already far from winning the game. If he were to prove himself as a real All-Star, he’d be getting the majority of his boards and points when it matters the most, when this team actually has a shot at winning a game. But without a change to the current mentality and perhaps the roster itself, I don’t know if I see that change happening.

There was just nothing really worth watching tonight. It’s the third time in a row that the Wolves were severely beat on both ends of the court, ending in yet another ugly loss. So let’s go back to my main point: Blake Griffin.

I started off making the comparison between Griffin and a young Kobe Bryant. Both players ventured into the NBA into ideal situations, being allowed to rise to stardom with a luxurious, Laguna Beach-like life spoon-fed to them. Griffin has taken this nation by storm, there’s no doubt about that. He’s been treating fan-bases around the country welcoming them all to the “Blake Griffin Show” including us Minnesotans tonight. But there are times where his high-flying antics leaves his face snickered in the direction of the opposition’s bench and/or fans. So pick a side: Either you choose to fall in love with his thunderous dunks and explosive personality or you despise his smug facial expressions and cocky on-court attitude.

Feel free to comment with your own opinion on the game and/or Griffin. The Wolves return after the All-Star break with a showdown in Milwaukee.

So, until then, stay classy and cheer on Love this weekend.

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Everything you explained is exactly right. The only way to fix that? A break. All-Star Weekend couldn't have come sooner for this team. A shake up to the roster wouldn't hurt either, but, ultimately, a rest is what they need so desperately.@neo


Last night I noticed(was at target center I have season tickets) that the 2 all stars got away with murder. Both Kevin Love and Blake Griffin only got called on the most obvious ones. At least K-Love isn't as bad as Griffin who when he finally got called on an obvious offensive foul he got a technical that was worth cheering because there was a lot of bad calls on the t-wolves. This was probably the 6th worst game for reffing this season. The way I see it our problem was in this order: 1) Missing Free Throws this was probably the worst we've done in a while for this. 2) Our Offense was terrible 29% for 3s and 35% overall. 3) In the 3rd quarter there were a string of 6 calls where the t-wolves got called for fouls that when the clippers did the same thing did not and none of the fouls that should have been called would have been on Blake Griffin. Note: defense isn't on there. I didn't put it on there for a reason. I think if we only change one thing about the game(other than being 84 to 80) and it was to add better defense we would have still lost by 4 because or terrible offense. And if someone steals the ball from you or you do a bad pass and it gets intercepted no defense in the world will help you because you weren't on defense. That is bad ball handling on offense. I wish they'd separate the turnover stat so people would see this. I'm really tired of it especially since the clippers had a lousy defense last night the 35% had nothing to do with their defense. We just couldn't make shots even when we were open. I just wish that if we were going to criticize to criticize something that would have made a difference in the game. In this case its 3 pointers and Free throws. We just aren't consistent on 3 pointers and many of our players need to practice Free throws after last night. All this being said I'll be at Target Center against the Grizzles hoping they pull it together.