Wolf Track: Melo-deal update

Although we’re still awaiting the official announcement that the trade has gone through, David Kahn and the Wolves are still working the phones.

In the reported Melo-deal that sends Corey Brewer to New York for Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry’s contract, there are now some new developments. The original report said that the Wolves would simply waive Curry and take the temporary hit on his contract. But now Jerry Zgoda is reporting that the Wolves are looking to spin Curry’s contract into some type of player/talent:

#Timberwolves looking to leverage Curry’s contract by dealing it for another asset rather than waive him outright.

This could be bigger than many┬áperceived when the trade was first reported. Curry’s expiring contract is indeed an asset worth dealing. Don’t forget we also have the Al Jefferson trade exception and two useless first rounder on our hands. Nothing big may be in the works, but something’s definitely going on behind the scenes.

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