Kevin Love's big night; Wolves win 126-123

Kevin Love is an All-Star. Even though he didn’t look the part when he was shining under the L.A. lights, but underneath the Northern Lights, he’s a different animal.

First came the unimaginable 31-31 game in the comeback win over the New York Knicks. And tonight he did the unthinkable putting up 37 points on just 13 shots from the field.

This is a truly amazing feat. Toss in that he grabbed 23 rebounds as well and Love made a serious statement tonight. He loudly pronounced that he is the leader of this team and refuses to give up that right.

If only I could’ve actually seen this game — I was driving back from a weekend in Chicago — I was very disappointed I missed such a good game. Here’s the box score and here are some quick thoughts:

  • There was a special cohesive effort from out starting five tonight. Led behind Love’s immaculate effort, Michael Beasley dropped 25 points and Wes Johnson and Luke Ridnour combined for 30. This may be the best effort from all starting five players in a very long time. That’s considerable improvement.
  • Stephen Curry dropped 33 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Jonny Flynn? A putrid two points and nine assists. Can you guess on who would’ve been the better draft pick.
  • Our front court depth was impressive tonight. Aside from newcomer Anthony Randolph, Anthony Tolliver and Nikola Pekovic stepped in and were very productive.
  • 13 mins for Darko? Really?
  • The Wolves rebounded 61 tonight. That’s insane.

As pathetic as this recap is, back off! No, I’m kidding. Next up is the Lakers on Tuesday night. Should be a great game if the starters play the way they did tonight.

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Love - Beastin'. If he has to work that hard to preserve a win, we need to get help.