Wolf Track: Corey Brewer, buyout?

According to ESPN, the New York Knicks are nearing a buyout with the newly acquired Corey Brewer.

The Knicks and Brewer are closing in on a buyout agreement that will make the former Minnesota swingman a free agent, sources close to the situation told ESPN.com.

Because Brewer will be officially released before March 1, he’s eligible to play in the playoffs with another team.

Brewer’s sheer hustle and determination will make him a hot commodity on the market after the buyout. Any contender near the top will have to take a look at Brewer’s contributions. Some add that Boston, Miami, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Dallas are interested. My guess: Chicago Bulls. What an upgrade he could be for that team at shooting guard.

Good for you, Corey. Wherever you land, we’ll be sure to root you on.

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