An abrupt ending; Wolves lose 100-77

This was just flat out ugly. All of that momentum built up from the past few weeks to have a game like this suck it away. Shameful.

The Wolves unknowingly walked into a massacre tonight as the Warriors played stifling defense all night long, killing any chances the Wolves had. But, believe me, there weren’t many of them to begin with.

The Wolves shot a measly 37-percent from the field — 62-percent from the free throw line — and committed a whopping 27 turnovers. That’s simply atrocious. This just wasn’t Wolves basketball tonight. Lately, we’ve been used to a high-energy, competitive performance from our Pups, but they came out with a real dud in this one. Kevin Love’s double-double streak came to an end. Stephen Curry showed Jonny Flynn how much better he really is than him, and Darko established himself as one of the worst starting centers in the league (six turnovers in just 19 minutes).

How much can I really say about this one?¬†You all can definitely see how important Kevin Love and his numbers are to this team’s success. Throughout the game, Love was frustrated. It started with him and, like a dark plague, infected everyone else on the team. I think that’s what really got to everyone. When your best player has trouble pulling himself out of a funk, others are affected by that. That’s where I think more veteran leaders can step in and fill that void when Love and Beasley have these kinds of games. But for now, we’re stuck with a bunch of inexperienced youngsters, who are new to having to pull themselves out of rutts like these and push for a win. It’s all mental, baby.

This one just hurts; It was a major step back. It hurts to see Kevin Love’s streak come to an end. It hurts to see all momentum created over the past week whither away. It hurts to see that it had to happen against a very beatable team in Golden State.

Next up is the Utah Jazz on Wednesday. Hopefully all of the air hasn’t deflated quite yet.

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