Chicago beat down; Wolves trounced 108-91

What’s stopping me from calling the Chicago Bulls the best team in the East, maybe the NBA, right now? One name: Lebron James.

My point aside, the Bulls had what it takes to throttle the Wolves tonight on their way to an easy victory at the Target Center. There was minimal effort form the Wolves side, while the Bulls came in with the mindset to bully.

From the opening tip, the starters looked flat and Kevin Love, returning from injury, was sadly left in the dust. On the contrary, Derrick Rose and the Bulls came out firing. More importantly, their defense stiffened and the Wolves’ chances on offense were minimal and not very opportune. Michael Beasley never found a real groove and Love didn’t warm up until the second quarter. The only person I saw any ounce of intensity in was Luke Ridnour but he clearly isn’t enough to match the one and only Derrick Rose. Oh, and Carlos Boozer, of all people.

Carlos Boozer is a staple in the Chicago Bulls tightly sewn sail. I’ll just get it out of the way now: I don’t like Boozer. Even as my hatred for Boozer streams deep within my veins, it’s hard not to admit he is the core of this young Bulls team. I’ll describe it like this: Rose may be the gears, twisting and turning, assuring that every piece is working in sync but Boozer bolsters everything down into place just so the¬†machine¬†doesn’t get out of control. He scores, rebounds, passes and plays physical interior defense. Sure his game is full of elbows and cheap shots but there’s no denying that he was the piece that helped put Chicago where they are now: Large and in charge of the Eastern Conference.

As for our beloved Puppies, tonight wasn’t a fair showing. Out-muscled and even out-hustled in the first quarter, they never had a real opportunity to make this interesting. Without Beasley, Love or Darko making an impact in the first, this young squad doesn’t have the wherewithal to make comebacks against some of the league’s best late in games.

That’s gonna be all for now, unfortunately; there wasn’t too much to report in this one, just your typical beat down by one of the league’s best. Next up comes the Heat on Friday night. I tweeted earlier tonight, “How excited are you to see Flynn-Ellington-Webster-Randolph-Tolliver against the #heat?!” This could get out of hand.

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