Sun burnt; Wolves lose 108-98

Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley (8) Gets Off A Shot In Front Of Phoenix Suns' Marcin Gortat, Right, Of Poland,

Beasley lost focus in the second half. Typical.

Let’s begin with an apology. I’ve been so far knee-deep in other activities lately that my priority of covering our beloved Timberwolves has steadily disintegrated and found a home on the back burner. Not like I missed much anyways in my absence. Two losses, one in Jersey and you can consider this season arguably worst than last’s. Tonight was just the cherry on top. And now, on to the game.

Like the itchy and painful sensation you get after laying out on the beach too long, the Wolves just got torched in this one. The score may not tell the whole story, so allow me to explain.

Without having to use much mileage on their starters, the Suns opened the first with a big lead. Surprise! The Wolves’ defense was being carved up from every direction thanks to Nash’s culinary skills and Grant Hill was receiving the 5-course meal. On the offensive end, Michael Beasley was handling the bulk without our floor leader, Kevin Love, who was sidelined for yet another game due to injury. But Beasley’s production is only good for so long until he runs out of gas, forces bad shots and then pouts and grows frustrated, which was ultimately the case in the second half.

The Suns’ offensive attack continued into the second quarter, and by this point almost none of the Suns’ starters were in the game any more, but neither were the Wolves’ starters, if that’s any consolation — which it really isn’t given how terrible our bench truly is. The Wolves, however, found a way to claw back into the game. Aaron Brooks committed a few big turnovers that kept it close and Anthony Randolph worked hard to make them pay for his mistakes. The Wolves went in to halftime only down by three but it really didn’t seem like it.

As the second half started, so did the Wolves’ decrease in production. Beasley wasn’t firing on all cylinders any longer. Wes Johnson sported an offensive repertoire so closely resembling that of Corey Brewer’s and no one else was doing enough to step up and make a difference, including Randolph who actually had a nice game. The story rolls on and the trend remains consistent with that of our season’s aspirations and the Suns pulled ahead permanently and sailed to victory.

A loss is a loss, right? The Wolves came out tonight both emotionally and physically beleaguered to the extent where starting a game is as good as a loss in the column. It’s been the theme to the whole season. And what’s particularly interesting about this loss? Maybe it’s the fact that the Wolves have now put themselves in the position to say, “We have the worst record in the NBA and we are horrible.” With tonight’s loss, the Wolves actually slipped to dead last in the standings behind a battered Cleveland Cavaliers squad. It’s a brand new low-point that I’m not quite used to even though I’ve prepared for it for oh-so long.

But even in the midst of being the worst team in the league, we still have a chance to look at the bright side. So let’s dwell on the positives, then. Kyrie Irving declared for the NBA Draft this summer today and looks to be a viable contender to be the number one pick. Oh, and that Ricky Rubio guy said he in fact will be a Timberwolf next year… Sort of. That’s good news too. So both of our potential life-saving point guards are available. Who knows if anything falls into place, but when in Rome, right?! (“I still don’t quite understand that use of that,” — Ron Burgandy, Anchorman)

I’m just getting goofy now. Next up are the red-hot Nuggets, who have thrived since trading away superstar Carmelo Anthony. A red-hot opponent against a defeated Wolves squad doesn’t sound pretty. Maybe find a hobby for Saturday night.

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