Sun burnt, round 2; Wolves lose 135-127 in OT

Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley, Right, And Anthony Randolph React

Randolph and Beasley did all they could but this team needs more pieces

In what was a real barn-burner from the opening tip, the Wolves took the Suns all the way to overtime in this instance to prove their yet again they’re not worthy of winning anymore.

You could argue the fact that both Kevin Love and Darko Milicic being shut down for possibly the rest of the season due to injury has hurt us in recent tilts, but in a run-and-gun, shoot ’em up type of game like this not having your two slowest, most un-athletic players on the court shouldn’t hurt too bad. Maybe that’s even why we pushed this game into extra minutes. Without Love or Darko slowing the pace down on offense, the Wolves were able to sprint right alongside Steve Nash and the Suns. But factor in our inexperience and lack of quality wins and you get this kind of result: A young team not being able to keep chase all the way until the end. Just like all the ones from earlier on this season.

Here’s just a few notes from the game and ideologies for the future:

  • Anthony Randolph and Michael Beasley shoot too much. In normal situations, it’s okay to have a high volume shooter on your club, but when there’s two that’s when things get interesting. They combined for 40 shots but luckily made 21 of them tonight. I’ll just say it right now that that’s not a winning formula. When two guys are chucking up close to 20 shots a night, there’s a good chance that one, if not both, are going to be off or the defense is going to stump them. The Wolves are suffering from a lack of unity, especially from the starters, and it’s because of ball hogs like Beasley and Randolph. Potentially one of them may have to go if nobody can gel.
  • Defense is all but gone at this point in the season. Tell me if you don’t believe that defense is the first to weaken when your psyche and confidence runs low. This game clearly exposed what our players are going through.
  • Martell Webster’s slowly getting some minutes back. I wasn’t sure if he’s been injured the past month or longer but he was suffering from what Love caught last year: Influ-Rambis. It’s when coach Rambis decides to cut your minutes for no apparent reason other than to piss people off. Luckily he’s been doing a nice job stepping up because we all surely know that Wes Johnson is struggling.
  • MVP status for Anthony Tolliver right now. The man has come up big in Love’s wake and has made an impact. Speaking of impact, it’s now safe to say he’s been the most impactful free agent of last year’s class but has slipped under the radar due to the Timberwolves’ suckiness. Love has been receiving wrap for making a push in this year’s Most Improved Player award. My vote goes to Tolliver.

That’s all I can really muster up for the night. Another tough loss has me begging for the offseason. On the bright side, the Minnesota Lynx cashed in today by choosing UConn’s Maya Moore with the first pick of the WNBA draft. It’s unfortunate, though, that the WNBA is going bankrupt and these women will have very little time left until they’re searching for new jobs (That’s completely my opinion).

Next up comes the Houston Rockets as the Wolves look to close up for the season — Thank God. Should be a fun one — hopefully — so grab a pair of tickets and root this team into the offseason… Please.

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