That's all she wrote; Wolves blown out 121-102

That’s how we end the season. And rightfully so. The Wolves decidedly closed the season in front of a putrid home crowd with one big fart of a game against an inadequate Rockets squad, missing Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry. It just rounded off the season beautifully.

The Wolves never had much of a chance in this one. Michael Beasley came out shooting and was hitting a few of them, as usual. Other than that the Wolves seemed lost in the emotion of a long journey of a season and failed to get any other contributions on offense. But what really lost it for us was the defensive side of the ball, but nothing’s new there.

Until Anthony Randolph started going off in the third quarter, the Wolves didn’t have much of a prayer. And when Randolph started hitting, the team started clicking and turned a 20+ point lead in to a one-point lead going into the fourth. But, as I said earlier, the story was all too consistent with this year’s theme and the Wolves let everyone down in the fourth.

Considering that I could basically copy and paste this recap from any other in the past two months, that’ll be all for now. Stay tuned for my season recap which should be posted within the next couple days. Until then, enjoy your break, find a hobby and, most of all, forget about this team for a while, it’ll be therapeutic.

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