Howls from Around the NBA: A Familiar Face

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In case you forgot this wonderful moment...

Howls from Around the NBA is our newest series here at HTW. Tom will be highlighting anything and everything NBA providing some structured analysis and tasteful bits of information. Tom’s first line of duty: Reviewing Corey Brewer’s work in the playoffs and his importance to Dallas’ run.

To the surprise of nobody who has watched the Timberwolves since 2007, the Dallas Mavericks are glad they nabbed Corey Brewer when the New York Knicks inexplicably dropped him like he was hot after picking him up in the Carmelo Anthony deal.

Rick Carlisle, after Brewer scored 5 points in 8 minutes, played some very solid defense, and helped spark a 16-point comeback in last night’s instant classic 96-94 Game 1 win over Los Angeles:

“We needed energy. We needed enthusiasm. Ever since we got Brewer, he’s come into practice every day with a phenomenal attitude. He has worked to get better and has gotten better. He had opportunities to go to other teams for more money and as good a winning situation as ours was. You’re talking about a kid who won two national championships in a row, so he knows about big games. We got in a dire situation and he went in there and made some good things happen for us.”

Yeah, that’s a pretty comprehensive summary of Corey Brewer, wouldn’t you say? Energy. Enthusiasm. Phenomenal attitude/work ethic. A desire to win. You really don’t think you could have used that, New York, especially after being out-hustled and out-played in a blowout of a series against the Boston Celtics.

Whatever. It’s definitely good to see Brewer getting an opportunity to contribute to a contender, and I think I speak for every Timberwolves fan when I wish him the best of luck in the remainder of the playoffs. Hopefully he’ll get some more quality minutes as the series progresses.

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