Kevin Love's prepared for a lockout

LAST YEAR, AFTER MY second season, I felt we were going to have a lockout, so I started thinking, How much do I have to put away if we miss a whole year?

I don’t have the most to worry about, but losing a whole year of pay is a lot of money for anybody.

Who knows how long we’ll be out. But I’ve got a Plan B, two of them actually. I’d like to pursue my broadcasting career. I’ll probably go back to UCLA and finish my communications degree. Obviously there wouldn’t be NBA games to call, but maybe I could work some college games. Or I might do a little Ochocinco route and go play another sport. When I was little, I wanted to be a pitcher. Maybe I’ll go try out for the Twins. I still think I can do it. I last pitched when I was 15 and had a fastball [reportedly clocked at 90 mph], curve and changeup. I really thought that was going to be my sport. I’m sure I could still throw the ball around for a living if it came to that.

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