Wolf Track: Minnesota Doesn't Want Irving

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According to Jerry Zgoda, who covers the T-Wolves for the Star Tribune, Minnesota has no intention of drafting Kyrie Irving, should they win the first pick in the draft. (The actual quote from Zgoda is in the comments.)

I’m fairly certain the Wolves brass consider Rubio a better prospect than Irving and no matter what they might say should they somehow get the No. 1 pick, I’d expect them to fully try to trade the pick to the highest bidder.

Well. If this is the case, then thanks, David Kahn, for making our latest series of draft prospect breakdowns here at Howlin’ T-Wolf a little less useful. And of course, as the good people over at Canis Hoopus pointed out, is it EVER a good idea to trade the first pick in the draft? Especially when passing on a semi-sure thing like Kyrie Irving over a player who has yet to play a basketball game on American soil.

Far be it from me to question the mind of Kahn. Oh well.

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