Tonight's The Night (Hopefully)

Let the soothing tones or Mr. Stewart’s voice flow over you.

Ahh…Much better.

Believe me, a certain level of tranquility must be reached before I can allow you all to sit down and witness what may happen to the franchise tonight because, odds are, it won’t be pretty.

Tonight does indeed mark the night where all things could very well change as we know it; a new path shall be revealed as loyal fans scheme up millions of ways to fix the squad only to see Kahn steer the ship in a different and puzzling direction. How ever the ping-pong balls fall, the Wolves will come out of this one with a new asset, hopefully one with some real value behind it rather than some long-gone afterthought of a basketball magician from Spain. An asset that could turn into a #1 pick. An asset that could turn into a #4 or worse prospect. An asset that could turn into a wrinkly but wise veteran.

We just have no idea how it will end up. That calm silence everyone’s had since the end of the season hasn’t given any clues into what’s ahead for the Wolves. But tonight that changes. We’ll finally get a gauge on what’s next, you know, the “what’s next” we’ve been asking for nearly five years now.

Tonight’s the night. Or let’s pray that it is. And may God have mercy on our souls.

About Jonah Steinmeyer

Been a Wolves fan for probably way too long to be considered a sane human anymore. An avid golfer in my free time.

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