Wolf Track: Cavs looking to add #2 pick?

This comes from Chris Broussard via ESPN.com:

Already owners of the No. 1 pick in the draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to sweeten their position by securing the second pick as well, according to league sources.

The Cavaliers are in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons about a three-team trade that would give Cleveland the top two picks of next month’s NBA draft.

Chad goes on to say that Cleveland would absorb Rip Hamilton’s deal with the trade exception from Lebron James. The Wolves would the receive the #4 and #8 pick in this Summer’s draft. And the Pistons? I have no idea.

The skepticism on what’s actually being discussed and who goes where leaves this trade as murky at best. But if the Wolves head into the draft with, yet again, three picks in the first round, they could very well leave the draft with two great lottery picks and a newfound first-rounder for 2012, the summer of Clippergeddon. You really can’t argue with that, and would have to give Kahn some serious credit for wheeling and dealing there. But of course, that was all just formulated in my head. The chance it blooms into reality are slim-to-none, as usual. If only…

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