So, who's the coach?

Kurt Rambis: Head Coach or not?

It’s been 51 days since the Timberwolves’ season ended and yet there’s still no clarity into who the head coach for the ’11-’12 season will be.

In the meantime, Kurt Rambis, with two years still remaining on his contract, has had no problem in being who he’s supposed to be, even if it means showing up when desperately unwanted. Although Rambis missed the NBA Draft combine in Chicago last week, he was present for the Wolves first draft workouts as well as today’s free agent workout.

“The way I see it — I’m doing my job,” Rambis said today at the Target Center. “I’m still the coach of this team until something happens otherwise.”

In what seemed like a shock at the moment, Rambis actually talked to the local media in attendance today. Perhaps the plan was to show his side of the story, a story which has turned into a huge soap-opera ever since the end of the season. Rambis said that he and Kahn still need to have a substantial conversation about his future with this franchise. They’ve only had “minor conversations” since season’s end.

This whole situation is starting remind me an awful lot like that friend who’s been dismissed from the group but always has a knack of finding his way back in. The only difference: These are grown men with real jobs acting unbelievably childish over a situation that can be resolved with a simple Donald Trump line: You’re fired!

It could be that easy, and perhaps should be. Rambis is the Timberwolves’ worst coach in history given his record. He’s only won 32 games in the past two seasons and sports the league’s worst losing percentage.

Really, though, why is this dragging out for so long? Perhaps Kahn and Taylor already have their mind made up and are just looking to focus on the draft, but still, it seems like they’re taking the wrong approach at going about this. Shedding off something as important as choosing your head coach isn’t right, especially before the draft where the head coach could give some insight into. Jerry Zgoda, Timberwolves beat writer for the Star Tribune, asked if the situation could be tied to the pending lockout hanging over our heads and Rambis said, “Don’t know.”

It seems to me that the situation is just being handled improperly altogether. “It’s not how I would handle it, no…I think everybody has reasons for why they conduct their business in the way they want to conduct their business,” Rambis said. “If you’re asking me if that’s what I’d do, no. That’s not how I would handle things, but everybody’s different.”

Sounds like someone thinks the same.

The reason for this immature standoff or David Kahn’s silence could be literally anything. At least Rambis is still interested in resolving the issue. At least he’s showing the motivation to go to these workouts to analyze and do his job as the head coach of this team. For me, this is enough evidence to let him come back for a year, barring he makes some changes with his assistants as well as his philosophy on offense (The Triangle-ish offense just ain’t working and will seriously suffocate Rubio’s creativity in the open court.) If someone is devoted enough to attend workouts where he probably doesn’t feel very welcomed says a lot about his character and his passion for his work. Even if he’s lost 100 more games than he’s won, he’s also had to work through some difficult roster building as well as a boss, who’s the league’s jester as well as afraid of conflict.

But now’s the time for a little conflict. The resolution of this team’s vision has gotten that much clearer with Rubio on his way. Now all they need is an established and enthusiastic coach who’s ready to lead this young team through thick and thin to growth and improvement and, ultimately, some wins. But seriously, who’s that gonna be? It’s about time we make that decision.

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