S.I. digs into the numbers

Check out this Sports Illustrated article on Derrick Williams, the should-be next Timberwolf, and Charles Jenkins, a real sleeper and would-be great fit for the Wolves too.

Williams was the nation’s most efficient forward in ISOs, spot-ups and pick-and-rolls, and was fourth-most efficient in the post. He really can do everything — and the fact that he didn’t truly break out as a star until this past season as a sophomore suggests he may be far from hitting his ceiling. I wouldn’t want to be the GM who passed on him.

Jenkins’ profile isn’t perfect. He’s older than most draft prospects, at 22, and has realized his potential. He’s smaller than most NBA shooting guards and he’s unlikely to transition into a pure-point role. He doesn’t have the speed or the athleticism of some of the guards projected to go at the top of the first round. What he does know how to do is create shots off the dribble going in both directions, knock down shots with defenders attached to him and put up points in a highly efficient manner. He spent his college career outside of the major-conference spotlight, and never played in an NCAA tournament, but he’s worthy of a guaranteed contract. His statistical resume is too strong to ignore.

There’s no denying the year that Williams had in Arizona. In fact, his numbers speak for themselves but when you combine them with a solid off-court personalty with an intelligent head on his shoulders, it’s becoming that much more appealing.

So here’s to a swing in my beliefs: Take Williams at 2, ship Beasley out.

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