Gilbert Arenas: Professor of Economics

Take a deep breath. I need you to breathe. Those of you with heart problems should probably step slowly away from your computer and allow a trusted family member to exit and go to a different website before you continue your internet browsing.

A player in the NBA recently released a series of tweets explaining the NBA lockout to those of us not as mentally gifted as Larry Coon and Zach Lowe. He explained things succinctly, without frills and words that only an Economics major would understand, like “amortizing assets” or “batrachophagous.” (Ok, I made the last one up. It really means “someone who eats frogs.”) Besides that last sentence, none of this is strange.

The strange part is this: He was the guy who thought the picture below was a good idea.

gilbert-playing-guns-huddle.jpg (660×468)

Gilbert Arenas: The Lockout Guru.

From SB Nation:

For the people who don’t know why the’yre lockin out… I’ll explain it in real people terms.Lakers, Dallas, Miami, Knicks, Magic, Bulls, Boston, and a few others always have the best chance at the top free agents due to city and money. So the smaller cities team can’t compete. So they can never get better and they’re always losing money. So since they cant control each other spending money on players, they want us to do it for them by signing a new deal. It’s that simple.

All the older owners have made their money and selling to new buyers, and the new buyers are getting killed in these small cities. But no matter what deal gets done, free agents are gonna go to the same cities ANYWAY. That’s why the same teams stay good and the same teams stay bad. The owners with the most money will try to buy the best players.

So like the Lakers just signed a 175 million dollar TV deal. But they don’t want to share that with the rest, they want US to do it. I know people are like, “You make 20 [million] and are not worth it…” TRUE. But the man who paid me thought I was too him. You’re worth what someone gives you.

There’s SO much more on the SB Nation link above, and you should definitely read it. It’s full of insightful comments, examples, and explanations, all from Agent Zero. If you are one of the people making the “millionaires fighting billionaires” argument about the lockout, this should help to explain things from the millionaires’ perspective.

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