Breaking News: Michael Beasley Smokes

Beasley in trouble, again.

The sky is blue. Grass is green. Summer is hot.

And, in a related story, Michael Beasley was cited for marijuana possession. Duhhhh.

From The Star Tribune:

Officers who stopped Beasley, 22, smelled marijuana in the car and found slightly more than a half-ounce in the vehicle, Boebroom said.

Beasley, who was not under the influence, was cited and released, the captain said. Beasley lives in Orono, west of where he was stopped.

So there you have it, folks. To everyone who claimed that there would be an increase in crime while both the NFL and NBA were locked out, your evidence is here, because clearly Michael Beasley wouldn’t be in possession of marijuana if the season were in full swing.

But this could be a serious offense at Beasley’s expense, if you think about it. The Wolves just drafted Derrick Williams, who some think could be the only star from a very weak class, and all signs point to him coming off the bench in place of Beasley to start the season. But if Beasley continues his juvenile behavior, he could easily watch helplessly as the level-headed and coachable Williams takes his starting spot like that. Or, ever worse, be traded because his delinquent ways have still not changed.

Or this could be just a minor speed bump in the road and make almost no difference with bigger things at stake, you know, like a lockout.

I’d be very curious what the Vegas odds would have been for Beasley being the first NBA player to be arrested for a fairly minor incident during the lockout. (Tim Duncan would be last.) You know, now that Metta WorldPeace is a upstanding citizen, and Stephen Jackson won’t be arrested until he snaps and kills somebody. Unfortunately, Nate Robinson beat B-Easy to the punch. Ah well. Better luck next time, Beas.

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Also Pacman Jones just got arrested...THAAAAT never would have happened if there wasn't an NFL lockout coming up.