Kurt Rambis passes on an opportunity

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Poor Kurt.

So this is…something, at least worth reporting, even though we all can agree the situation is rather cumbersome and downright embarrassing.

Apparently, David Kahn wants to remove Kurt Rambis as head coach of the Timberwolves and put him to work in the front office rather than buying out his contract.

Rambis is hesitant to agree to this particular arrangement because, well, (how can I put this lightly?) he thinks David Kahn is wrong and he hates him. Or so it seems to our perspective.

From Sporting News:

After keeping him in the dark on whether he’d be retained as coach well into June, the Minnesota Timberwolves reportedly offered Kurt Rambis another post after reports surfaced in late June that he was to be fired.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Minnesota owner David Kahn wanted Rambis to close out his remaining two years and $4 million in the Timberwolves front office. Sources told Yahoo! that Rambis is reluctant to consider the job because he doesn’t see eye to eye with Kahn on basketball matters and also dislikes him personally.

I can’t see why Rambis is conflicted about this at all. Honestly, if the only downsides to a job are a drawn-out, condescending waiting period followed by a humiliating demotion, no job security whatsoever after two years when your current contract runs out, and constantly clashing with your boss who you don’t like as a human being, well. Seems like you HAVE to jump on an opportunity like that, doesn’t it?

Seriously, though, it’s about time Kahn grew a pair and pulled the trigger on this whole unpleasant spectacle. Rambis’ win-loss record may not have earned him much over the past two years, but it certainly earned him the right to be fired in a timely, respectful manner. Whether they believe that they’ll be saving money or not by making this decision until after the lockout, it’s all seemingly a bit disastrous and, well, simply rude on Kahn’s part.

This needs to end.

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