Wolves make it official; Rambis fired

Here it is.

The Minnesota Timberwolves fired Kurt Rambis on Tuesday, ending more than three months of uncertainty and awkwardness surrounding the head coach of the worst team in the NBA last season.

Rambis was 32-132 in his brief stay in Minnesota, including 17-65 this past season.

Even though this does indeed end that period of uncertainty and downright awkwardness that ESPN called it, it’s assuring to have some clarity on the situation. And, ultimately, it’s nice to know that Kahn recognized that Rambis just wasn’t the man for the job, especially with even more young talent coming into a pool of already youth-sprung players, who Kurt had difficulty getting the best out of, let alone developing, the past two seasons.

Now the coaching search begins. Kahn’s been through it once before and Taylor many times before that. The only problem is that the Wolves waited so long to fire Rambis that many believe the top coaching prospects are already snapped up. That might be true on the surface but, as always, their could be that mysterious assistant that rises to the top to impress Kahn and Taylor.

That man could very well be in our own organization as we speak. Rumor has it that the Wolves believe that J.B. Bickerstaff, current assistant coach for the Wolves, has the potential to be a very good coach in the NBA one day. Kind of like an Eric Spoelstra situation Miami has. The problem? He’s only a tender 32 years of age. Pair his inexperience along with a team full of youngsters and it just feels like pandemonium could break loose — as if it already hasn’t.

There will be more coming from Howlin’ T-Wolf as the coaching search commences, that is for sure. For now, let’s leave it at that and throw somewhat of a mini-celebration in the departing of one of the biggest losers in Minnesota Timberwolves’ coaching history, Kurt Rambis. Farewell, Kurt.

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