Beasley now losing street cred

This via ESPN:

Michael Beasley’s offseason has been nothing short of shameful. While Kevin Love is utilizing his free time to soak up the summer fun by playing in fun, non-threatening games of volleyball that could damage his image, Beasley has had a run-in with the law and now an altercation with a fan at a streetball game.

The altercation isn’t what I would call that serious. I’ve been to these games; they all talk, and not very nicely actually. But what freaked me out was the anger in Beasley’s face as he screamed back at the fan. Beasley is usually super cool on the court, so whatever was said by the jawing fan must have set off a fuse inside Beasley that doesn’t usually get touched very often.

I continue to wonder how Kevin Durant is best friends with Beasley. As you watch the video, Durant is simply standing there and even goes and shakes fans’ hands after Beasley’s ejection! He’s one of basketball’s greatest players right now. He owns an outstanding following from these types of crowds, which only makes him that much cooler (All this streetball going on with NBA players is a real treat and Durant has been the King).

It’s just an observation, but why can’t Beasley look at himself in a mirror and realize he can do everything Durant does? Because his skill set certainly says so, but his twisted,┬áderanged┬ámind hasn’t allowed him to fully bud into the player he could be, and the question of “If” he even will is still a real possibility. My advice: Keep hanging with the cool-headed Durant, Beas, you’ll get it one day.

To sum this up, Beasley’s actions are starting to speak for themselves and they’re saying loud and clear that he still hasn’t matured. Perhaps he never will, which gives Derrick Williams the ultimate green light to seek out Beasley’s starting spot in the Wolves’ lineup.

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