Beasley's Rough Summer Continues

At some point, you need to just chalk it up to bad luck, right?

From NBC Sports Pro Basketball Talk:

According to a report from (Tom’s note: I’d include a link, but it’s like heiroglyphics over there), one roughly translated through the marvel that is Google translate, it seems as if Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley injured his left wrist, perhaps fracturing it, while attempting a few dunks in the wake of an exhibition in China alongside Celtics forward Paul Pierce.

Beasley has made a few bad decisions so far this summer. Ok, maybe more than a few. But if he injured his wrist throwing down a few dunks for the entertainment of some NBA fans overseas…this isn’t one of them. It could have just as easily happened to Derrick Williams as he punished a couple of high school kids (seriously…wow) or K-Love as he bump-set-spiked.

Actually, I’ll stop before I jinx anyone. All this to say: get well soon, B-Easy.

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