ESPN goes 5-on-5 with T-Wolves

From ESPN:

1. Fact or Fiction: Ricky Rubio will be a star.

Zach Harper, Daily Dime Live: Fact. Whether he’s going to be the next Magic Johnson or the next Jason WilliamsRicky Rubio is definitely going to be a star in some way. His passing and creativity will put him all over YouTube and on SportsCenter’s top-10 list most nights. Whether he turns that stardom into being a perennial All-Star is an entirely different question.

Bret LaGree, Hoopinion: Fiction. Star is subjective. Best I can tell, Rubio’s upside is Jason Kidd and it’s a fair question if Kidd was ever truly a star. I’d love for Rubio to be a fascinating addition to the NBA but the vast majority of great passing, poor shooting point guards don’t turn out to be Jason Kidd.

Mathew Lewis, Queen City Hoops: Fiction. We all fell in love with Rubio after he burst on the scene at the 2008 Summer Olympics. The problem is he hasn’t done much since to remind us of his play in Beijing.

Benjamin Polk, A Wolf Among Wolves: Basically fact. He will not be Chris Paul. He will not beSteve Nash. But he will revel in the speed and space of the NBA game. He will do miraculous things in the open floor. He will be seriously disruptive on defense. Of course, he’ll also turn it over with abandon and miss a whole lot of layups.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss, HoopSpeak: Fiction. His 2010-11 Euro field goal percentage makesBrandon Jennings look like William Tell. Let’s tamp down expectations: Will Rubio survive a Minnesota winter?

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