Love breaks the news

When the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to relieve Kevin McHale of his duties, Kevin Love was the first on the scene. Contrary to your average breaking news, a person involved in the situation, other than the boss, usually doesn’t crack the case. Love did in that instance via Twitter and paid the price.

This time, Wolves fans couldn’t be happier to hear the news from Love.

“Houston, we have a coach,” Love said via Facebook.

Although he hasn’t specified who the new coach is, it shouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. The past few weeks the Wolves have flirted with the idea bringing in high caliber coach in Rick Adelman, a superiorly renowned coach that’s been coaching around the league since 1988, when he started in Portland with the Trail Blazers.

Adelman toyed with the idea of a year or two off when he and Houston split ways after the past season.

But now the Wolves have a coach and are certainly heading in the right direction. There will be much more to come once news of the contract details surface, as well as some commentary to go right along with it.

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