Rubio's USA debut

Last night, Ricky Rubio played with some of the NBA’s best in a charity game for the Drew Gooden Make A Wish Foundation.

Stars like Demar Derozan, James Harden, Anderson Varejao, Dorell Wright, Shawn Marion and plenty more took the court alongside the Spanish phenom and helped raise over $10,000 for Gooden’s charity.

Rubio’s skills were undeniable. His court vision and passing skills were unfathomable. He was even able to hit open shots when given the opportunity. Granted that defense in these kinds of pick-up games are a lost cause, Rubio was able to dazzle on court and put a show on for the fans.

Clearly he’s something special and keeping him off of NBA courts is a sin. Hopefully the lockout can get cleared up soon before it’s too late and he changes his mind to flee home to Barcelona.

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