Wolves in a Foreign Land

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Kevin Love, wearing the right uniform

A little late to the game, but some Timberwolves overseas news: Kevin Love might team up with Deron Williams in Turkey, playing for Besiktas.

From Yahoo Sports.

“I’ve been going back and forth with Deron on it,” Love told Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears on Friday. “I’ll be making my decision in the next couple of days.”

It’s good to hear Kevin has the chance to make some lockout money playing a real sport, and his skill set, toughness and jump shots with range, will likely transfer well to the international game.

Still. It’s hard not to be a little depressed thinking about watching him on a grainy internet feed rather than on League Pass where he belongs.

In other much less surprising news, Ricky Rubio is thinking about returning to Barcelona if the lockout continues.

From Toronto Sports Network.

Rubio told Catalan radio ONA FM that “I want to wait until I see there is no chance of resolving the situation, and then I will sign with another team.”

Rubio said that he would contact Barcelona to see if he could practice with the team while the lockout continues, like Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol and his brother Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Considering the amount of time and money the Timberwolves spent trying to extract Rubio from Barcelona, this would obviously be a step backward.

Which, honestly, reflects the state the locked out NBA perfectly.

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