Silver Lining: Dwyane Wade Said Nice Things About Minnesota

Dwyane Wade: Purveyor of heartbreaking jumpers and post game warm fuzzies.

Dwyane Wade: Purveyor of heartbreaking jumpers and post game warm fuzzies.

Remember your first day of high school, junior year? When you overheard that cute girl you hadn’t seen all summer telling her friend that you looked better, and you would be really attractive if you stopped using such ridiculous, convoluted metaphors? And even though you knew you never had a chance with her, it was just nice to hear from somebody hot that you looked good?

Yeah, that never happened to me either. But it happened to the Timberwolves after they played Miami Friday night!

Take it away, Dwyane Wade. (Hat tip to A Wolf Among Wolves)

This is a different team and obviously a better team than last year…I’m glad we played them early in the year, because I think later in the season they’re going to be a very good team…It can be frustrating losing games, but they can’t get away from what they do. They’ve got a very bright future ahead of them and that Rubio kid is everything as advertised. He’s a risk taker…He’s going to make the risky pass and sometimes a teammate will be ready for it and sometimes they won’t. I think as they continue to play with him, they’ll get more comfortable with him and know he’s going to make those kind of passes. So I just look at him as a risk taker, but that’s what makes him special.

Whoa. Really? You are glad you played Minnesota early because they will be a very good team…later THIS YEAR? A bright future? Rubio…everything he’s advertised. Dwyaaaaane. Stop it. Ok, no, I was just saying that. Please keep going.

Look, I know this could have been slick post game speak from Wade, but he didn’t have to say it. He could have said “Yeah, we made some mistakes, but we just had to go out there and grind out a victory.” Not only would that have been true, it would have been mildly demoralizing. It would have implied that the Heat viewed this as a throwaway game, just a regular season grind that they needed to push through, and that the only reason it was close was because they weren’t very interested in it.

But instead, he lauded Minnesota, saying that once they gel as a team, they are going to be really good. He confirmed everything that Minnesota fans keep thinking they see. And dammit, it was a very nice thing to hear from a player of Wade’s caliber.

By the way Dwyane, you know what would make Minnesota REALLY good? A new shooting guard. Too much? Yeah. I knew it when I said it.

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