Happy New Year! (Continued)

So before we launch into tonight’s (first) recap, I have two words for you: Barea’s suit. I was at the game, so I have no idea if League Pass was kind enough to catch the sheer, shining brilliance that was Jose Juan Barea’s attire tonight, but if it did, I certainly hope for your sake that you saw it. I’ll try to include a screen cap later.

Tonight was a strange, exciting, intriguing, mystifying, and ultimately informative second night of a back to back. The Wolves showed some serious flaws, but also some serious promise that we didn’t know they had. They showed the benefits of a new coach, and they realized the potential of an older lineup. They showed poise, staying ahead of and ultimately soundly beating an experienced winner, and they showed the youth of a team who can bounce back on the second night of a tough back to back and win.

Possibly most important: they showed how much they are enjoying playing together. That kind of chemistry is utterly invaluable, and it makes for an infectious, likable team on the court.

Or. You know. Barea’s suit.

I’ll have MUCH more analysis as soon as I get home to real internet. For now, bask in the glory of a winning streak, Wolves fans. Bask.

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