The margin of error; Wolves lose 90-86

Memphis Grizzlies' Dante Cunningham, Left, Defends As Minnesota Timberwolves' Luke Ridnour (13) Drives Under The Basket

Turnovers and missed free throws overshadow this team's brief successes

How many times can you say it until the team actually listens? I’m sure that’s what’s going through Rick Adelman’s mind after this one.

In a comeback effort, the Wolves played catch up in the fourth quarter but it all went for naught, as the Wolves lost to the Grizzlies, 90-86.

What’s there really to say about this one? I feel like a broken record. Every loss suffered since the start of the year have been on their shoulders alone. Only Oklahoma City really beat us all night long. But the others . . . it just comes down to simple, fundamental basketball where the Wolves start to fall apart and eventually drop the game.

Free throws, as I’ve mentioned before, are one of the most fundamental shots in the game. You hit them, you’re chances of winning drastically improve. The Wolves are not only missing free throws in volume but in key moments that could potentially help sway games in their favor. Tonight they hit just 13 of 24 free throws, 54-percent, to be exact. Ricky Rubio missed two big ones in the final three minutes that could’ve changed everything. It’s the same old, same old.

Also the turnovers are killing the Wolves, too. 17 tonight, five from Beasley, four from Rubio; it’s not just one person ruining it for all. It’s the team’s ball movement that struggles in key moments, breaking down when we need it the most. You can’t continue to hand the ball over and expect to have another chance at the win.

It’s simple mistakes that our costing so much. Luckily they’re all fixable but that, unfortunately, takes time. With more experience, this team should show more poise down the stretch of these close ball games, but for now, we’re just gonna have to wait. Patience is key in watching this team; as fun and exciting as this team can be, we’re going to have to show patience and sit in through their growing pains.

Next up is a winnable game at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Until then…

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