Kevin Love: A Potential Olympian (again)

According to a Sheridan Hoops report, the preliminary roster for Team USA includes Kevin Love. You can view the entire list, which includes lots of stars and a couple of surprises, here.

Love’s inclusion is hardly a surprise: he was a part of the 2008 team and his numbers so far this year have been stunning. But it’ll be a challenge to make the final roster, which will be cut from 19 to 12, and includes other power forward stars like LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin. And Lamar Odom, for some reason.

The good news for Love is that he could easily re-invent himself as a role player on a star-studded team like Team USA, grabbing a lot of rebounds and hitting the occasional three. He won’t have to be the focal point of an offense the way he is in Minnesota, he can just settle back and play a more specialized role.

It’s always cool to see a hometown player playing for his country, and it will definitely be fun to see Love playing with some of the best the NBA has to offer, if he makes the team. He certainly deserves this honor. Best of luck to him.

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