A fresh, potent offensive explosion; Wolves win 120-108

Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley (8) Drives

Super Beaz in action

Holy moly, Batman! You mean to tell me that the slow-starting, sometimes sluggish offense of the Minnesota Timberwolves dropped 120 points on the road against the Houston Rockets?! And Michael Beasley caught fire, scorching the net for 34 points?!? It’s almost as if they should’ve been firing on all cylinders like this all season long!

Sparked by a 42-point third quarter, the Wolves secured their tenth victory of the season and move that much closer to a .500 record for the season.

The story of this one wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to discover. The Wolves opened a full-onslaught of offensive power against the Rockets and never looked back. The buckets were raining down and the points kept going up, ’nuff said.

But it really felt good to watch. It just feels like Finally!, you know? The Wolves have struggled from the field for the last few weeks. Actually, the Wolves have only shot 50% just once this season against the San Antonio Spurs — They also nailed 12 threes in that one but still only scored 106 points compared to the 120 tonight; that oughta tell you something about how efficient Beaz and co. was tonight at the offensive end.

Speaking of Beaz, he was doing his thing tonight, lofting contested jumpers from anywhere and everywhere, prompting fans to yell the usual, “Cut it out, dude! Pass the ball!” The only difference to tonight was that those shots found their way through the net also prompting each and every Beaz critic, as well as Rocket fans, to shut their faces. Coming off the bench yet again, Beasley played a whole 32 minutes, scored 34 points on 10-14 shooting. To make things even sweeter, Beaz was able to shoot 12 from the charity stripe; he nailed all 12. It’s an improbable performance likely to never be repeated again but it was special. So special that it reminded me of why he was drafted only behind Derrick Rose in the 2009 NBA Draft. Keep playing like this and he’ll exceed his current value tenfold but that’s been his problem all career long. No consistency, diminishing potential and you’ve got the Beaz. Still, here’s to hoping things can turn around … for good.

Though Beaz’s ridiculous contributions were the deciding factor in this one, don’t look past what Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio are continuing to do on a nightly basis. Love and Rubio combined for 47 points on 16-25 shooting. They were also a combined +42 on the floor, in large part to that incomparable third quarter.

Throw in great production from Martell Webster, Nikola Pekovic and Anthony Randolph and the Wolves put together one of the most complete games I’ve seen this season.

After losing to the Rockets just last week at home, this sorta felt like a must-win. They didn’t just deliver a win but they made a statement that they’re not to be messed with. Furthermore, they showed that an emotional loss to the Lakers won’t get the best of them on back-to-backs, even when on the road.

Not much more than that tonight … Just a fun game all-around. Next up comes the Indiana Pacers into town. That will be Wednesday night, as said, at the Target Center.

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