No Love: Scola's face viciously attacks Love's shin

Alright. This is going to get covered everywhere else, so I’ll post my recap tomorrow and talk about this first.

At this point, you have probably heard that Kevin Love stepped on Luis Scola Saturday night. Here’s a video:

I don’t think Love meant to step on Scola’s face, so I’m in complete disagreement¬†with the announcers in this very biased video. It looked to me as though he was trying to step over him and sort of fell forward. If he had meant to step on his face, he would have done it with his foot, not his shin, right? If anything, Love tried to step on his chest.

That being said, I don’t think Love is at ALL sorry he did it.

Further, the officials let that entire situation get WAY out of hand. First, they let the Rockets hang all over Love on one end, frustrating Love inordinately. Then they let Love get away with a blatant frustration foul on the other end, sending Scola crashing to the floor. Was Love’s action not called a foul as some sort of make-up non-call? Because for an NBA official, that’s despicable. Love fouled him and the violation needed to be called. Would they have gotten booed? OF COURSE. It’s their job as officials to make calls like that and take the abuse that would have rained down on them. Then, to cap off this whole fiasco, they called a ticky-tack foul on the Rockets on the other end, which completely threw the situation out of whack (“alright, Love and Scola assaulting each other? No foul…just DON’T YOU TOUCH RIDNOUR!”) before calling a technical on the Rockets bench who were complaining about what had happened on the other end. Mind you, nobody from the Rockets bench stood up or anything. Apparently, they were just complaining too loudly.

It was one of the worst officiating sequences I have seen in a long time. I’ll be surprised if Love gets suspended, but if he does I’m blaming the bad officiating for about 40% of it. (Love gets the other 60%…control your temper and don’t throw Luis Scola to the ground next time.)

And really, that’s what this situation boils down to. This isn’t a case where some deep, violent inner tendency of Kevin Love has come to the surface. It’s a case where he did something stupid, in the heat of the moment battling against Scola. It’s hard to say whether or not it was intentional, and I’m glad it’s not my job to sort out the wreckage.

Back to our regular scheduled programming…the Wolves are back to .500! MUCH more on that tomorrow, with minimal references to this incident. I promise.

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