Kevin Love suspended for two games

Kevin Love has been suspended for two games by the NBA.

Kevin Love has been suspended for two games by the NBA.

Apparently, I’m just a giant homer.

From ESPN:

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love has been suspended for two games for stomping on Rockets forward Luis Scola’s face in their game on Saturday.

The NBA announced the suspension Monday.

On the one hand, I can’t say I’m surprised. The NBA makes a pretty obvious effort to prevent players from fighting, cursing or doing anything that might further brand the league, as ignorant online commenters like to say, “a group of thugs.” Stepping on another human being seems to qualify under the category of “thuggish.”

That being said, I’m still not convinced Love did it intentionally. I think A Wolf Among Wolves actually had the best description of the actions: he didn’t try NOT to. Apparently, that’s good enough for the NBA, who robbed the Timberwolves of Love’s services for the next two games.

The good news is that Minnesota’s next game, the first one Love will miss, is against the Sacramento Kings. The bad news is that the next one is the next night against Memphis in Memphis.

Hey Beas/D-Will? If you were looking for a chance to show your worth, it’s now.

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