Derrick Williams dunking at All-Star Weekend

Derrick Williams is just turning this into quite the entertaining weekend. Originally named to the Rising Stars Challenge along with teammate Ricky Rubio, Williams is now throwing his name into the dunk contest, the weekend’s true highlight reel.

This now means that Timberwolves are now infesting All-Star weekend like never before. Kevin Love is playing in the actual All-Star game as well as the three-point shooting contest. Rubio is playing in the Rising Stars Challenge alongside Williams and I wouldn’t be surprised if he dabbles in the skills competition. And now Williams, who has to be the favorite to win, is in the dunk contest.

Again, he’s got to be the favorite over mediocre rim-rattlers like Chase Budinger, Iman Shumpert and Paul George (George can actually throw down). William’s jumping ability and explosiveness is nearly unparalleled, well, except by Blake Griffin, of course.

But this is just nasty:

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