Masterpiece Theater: Ricky Rubio's All-Star highlights

Tonight, we got to see what would happen if Ricky Rubio participated in a loosely defended exhibition game, surrounded by some of the most athletic young players in the game. Actually, his play didn’t look that different from normal games, which speaks to how much fun he is as a player. Here are some highlights anyway.

Sorry about the video quality. I try this move all the time when I’m playing basketball. Of course, I only ever do it when I’m playing by myself and I’m PRETENDING there is a defender guarding me, but still.

I’m including this video for two reasons: first, because a Timberwolf is officially in the record book, even if it’s for something silly and pointless (Sorry, Kevin Love, but Wilt’s double-double streak will probably last forever). Second: Ricky Rubio’s mom is a total soccer mom (his parents are at 0:17).

Great pass from Rubio, decently powerful dunk by Markieff Morris, but Morris managed to take four steps going up. He made the whole beautiful play look a little less smooth. WAY TO MESS IT UP, MARKIEFF. MORE LIKE MARKIEFF MOR-STEPS, AMIRITE?

Also, I disagree with Kenny Smith. Derrick Williams isn’t really a three.

This is pretty crazy, and it will probably be the most popular Rubio-related play of the night. Not only did Ricky split two defenders effortlessly, not only did he throw the ball through DeMarcus Cousin’s legs, not only did he toss a perfect alley-oop, but he threw it to Blake Griffin, who slammed it home. And as impressive as it was, this still feels like the kind of play Rubio would pull during a game.

My favorite Rubio highlight of the night. Does he think of this kind of thing before he starts his drive? Like, as the ball is coming to him, does he consciously say to himself “Ok, my pump fake should throw off Evan Turner, and I already have half a step on Kyrie Irving…this should be an easy layup.”

Of course not, that’s stupid. He thinks, “Ok, mi falsa bomba debe deshacerse de Evan Turner, y ya tengo la mitad de un paso en Kyrie Irving … esto debería ser una bandeja fácil.” At least, that’s what Google Translate tells me.

Did I forget your favorite? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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