Kevin Love: Three point champion

Kevin Love: Your 3-Point contest not-loser

Kevin Love: Your 3-Point contest not-loser

I spent all day Saturday talking with friends and people on Twitter about how badly Kevin Love was going to get crushed in the Three Point Contest. I’d love to say I intentionally reverse-jinxed him, but seeing shooters like Ryan Anderson, Anthony Morrow and Kevin Durant paired against him, I honestly didn’t think he had a chance.

Then Anthony Morrow’s Drazen Petrovic jersey wasn’t magic, James Jones’ streakiness caught up to him and Mario Chalmers couldn’t find the range in a tie-breaking round.

Kevins Love and Durant were tied after the final round and Love entered his second tie-break of the competition. Love went first and scored a fairly low 17. All seemed to be lost, especially when Durant heated up on the first few racks. Then Durant missed six of his last eight, couldn’t make the final two moneyballs, and it was all over. ¬†Suddenly Kevin Love was the…well, he wasn’t really the winner as much as he was the not-loser.

To be clear, I don’t REALLY believe in the anti-jinx. Still. If Love wants to send me a thank you in the form of two courtside tickets to tonight’s All-Star game, well, I wouldn’t say no.

In other T-Wolves news from Saturday, Derrick Williams got last in the dunk contest, even though he had one of only two truly impressive dunks performed on the night (The other was Jeremy Evans’ alley-oop with two basketballs). He had Rubio assist him, throwing the ball off the side of the backboard while Williams spun in the air, caught it, and flushed hard with two hands. Derrick told ESPN Truehoop’s Henry Abbot later that Rubio had never tried that pass before. (Also, in the video, he appears to be wearing braces. Did anyone else not know about this?)

Unfortunately, Williams lost the contest because he couldn’t make his final dunk, a self-assisted alley-oop off the backboard and between his legs. After several fruitless attempts, Williams tossed himself a normal alley-oop and bowed out.

The dunk contest was an absolute mess, with scripted skits, entirely too many props (seriously, Paul George, a glow in the dark suit?), and too little impressive dunking, but honestly, it was a fun night of pseudo-basketball. There, I said it. Call me un-hip if you must.

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