Chalk one up for the old guys; Wolves lose 104-95

Minnesota Timberwolves Guard Ricky Rubio, Of Spain, Reacts

Steve Nash, 1; Ricky Rubio, 0

Sometimes the old guys just have the upper-hand. With years of experience and some chemistry left amongst the remnants of a Western Conference challenger, the Suns had the advantage on the Wolves, especially when it came down to the important runs in the tail ends of the second half.

The Wolves actually held a lead for most of the first half. They were getting shots to fall and making stops here and there but they never fully had control of the game. In watching, you could just sense that one false slip up would cost them dearly. Whether that be consecutive missed shots or allowing the Suns to hit a small run, the game could go awry in the matter of no time.

That’s pretty much what happened in the second half. The Wolves couldn’t hit their shots, got no calls underneath the basket and the Suns did quite the opposite. The strength that is the Wolves’ frontcourt became the ultimate disappointment behind Kevin Love’s lead, who was returning after missing last night’s game in LA to flu-like symptoms. And he sure played like he was sick the night before.

Love shot an exhausting 8-25 from the field, yeah, Beasley-like numbers. Although the line should be marked with an asterisk due to the sheer lack of calls Love fought for in the paint, Love failed to hit the open shots drawn up for him like any team needs their superstar to make in the clutch moments of any game. Derrick Williams was a culprit for poor shooting, as well, but there’s no denying the Wolves’ need for Love to be more, well, clutch in Phoenix tonight.

Steve Nash and Grant Hill simply led the Suns to storm in for the win in the fourth. They played both ends of the ball with extreme discipline and hustle, which sparked the rest of the Suns’ squad to play inspiring ball and steal the win away out of the Wolves’ hands. That inspired ball didn’t inspire the Wolves to play any harder in the third and went 1-10 from the field to end the quarter. They Suns never took their foot off the gas and that’s all (s)he wrote.

Really not too interested in this game, so I’ll end it there. Next up the Wolves get  a night’s rest and then had to Portland as the West coast tour continues. A night’s rest is exactly what they need, as do I. Goodnight.

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