Trade rumors and Clippers matchup

I’m swamped. The pressures of life are exuding at their very highest right now, all while Tom left me to do basketball work all by myself. Just great.

With that said, I’m making this open for everyone to turn into a trade rumor/Clipper game forum for the night and into tomorrow. I’ll be sure to get back on track for Wednesday’s game against the Blazers and maybe post some rumor mill articles in the next week.

So to get things started: What do you think of the Wolves’ interest in Jamal Crawford? Any legs to it? And what do you think is they key to beating the Clippers again tonight? Just the comments section to chat amongst yourselves, and I’ll chime in, time permitting.

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Been a Wolves fan for probably way too long to be considered a sane human anymore. An avid golfer in my free time.

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