Weekend recap; Wolves drop two

Lumping recaps into one big post seems like the easiest thing to do at this point. Reminiscent of the Wolves’ recent play, all of the games and the analysis has become so cookie-cutter, it’s a waste of time to even title two separate posts.

Here’s a breakdown of thought-processes after watching a game the last two weeks: Barea turns the ball over a lot; injuries are a pain, literally; the transparency and often complete lack-thereof in what one would call a “defense;” everyone just wants to shoot because if they don’t make something happen, they won’t be on the team next year; injuries really suck; Kevin Love is dearly missed, and I mean the K-Love at midseason, not the worn down horse Adelman rides for 40 mins a night; there are no wing players that have any capability, whatsoever, of creating a shot for himself; and, finally, injuries are the bane of this entire team’s confidence. Screw ’em.

It’s obviously clear what’s going wrong lately, and it really starts with that last one with everything else piled on top, just as I listed them above. The Rubio injury was the killer, but there are other ones that were serious blows too. It started off with Malcolm Lee not even being able to debut until the end of March. Obviously a rookie reserve going down isn’t going to make much of a difference, but when role players like JJ Barea and Michael Beasley go down, things start to get a little dicey. Add in Nikola Pekovic, Luke Ridnour, and now Kevin Love, that completes the injury-cycle full-circle.

What we have seen, more prominently in the last three games, is a stronger presence from the bench guys, who have seen an increase in minutes because of the injuries. Guys like Anthony Randolph and even Michael Beasley have beefed up their scoring punches. The reason being is because their careers in Minnesota are indeed in jeopardy. With just a little time left in the season, it’s turned into tryouts for guys on expiring contracts. For the most part, their impressing but just knowing who those two players are and judging the entire scope of their NBA careers, it doesn’t seem likely that 20-point performances in the garbage time of the season is going to alter the stigma their games hold, as well as what they can contribute to the Wolves in the future.

That’s what the rest of this season is about: the future. If they can dig deep and pull out some wins or even minor, moral victories, it will pay dividends heading into the offseason. It’s all about confidence and the Wolves have none right now. They haven’t won a game in the month of April, and the only possible sure-win in sight is a bout in Detroit against the Pistons.

Until then the games, and, consequently, my recaps, will likely be drab and full of pessimism. But within the lifeless, consistent games/recaps, just know there is a silver lining that the future will be better. We can only hope because it’s been downright ugly as of late.

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