Rubio and Williams Named to All-Rookie Teams. Does It Mean Anything?

Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams were rewarded for their rookie seasons on Tuesday.

Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams were rewarded for their rookie seasons on Tuesday.

Today the NBA All-Rookie Teams were announced with a noticeable Minnesota flavor. On the 1st team, Ricky Rubio joined Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving, San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard, Denver’s Kenneth Faried, Golden State’s Klay Thompson, the Knicks’ Iman Shumpert, and Detroit’s Brandon Knight. On the 2nd team, Derrick Williams was joined by Irving’s teammate Tristan Thompson, Houston’s Chandler Parsons, Sacramento’s Isaiah Thomas, and New Jersey’s MarShon Brooks. That makes for an even 7 players on the 1st team and 5 on the 2nd team. Hold on, “even” must not be the right word there. Anyway, Rubio and Williams join Mike Beasley, Wes Johnson, and Kevin Love as the other previous selections currently on the roster. I’ll even mention that Jonny Flynn as a recent selection. How much stock can you put into these selections as far as figuring out a player’s career direction? Well not much.

(Edit: I spent over an hour trying to get a nifty little graph, chart, or anything that illustrated the various Win Shares Per 48 Minutes each recent Wolves All-Rookie had, but it wouldn’t take. So, here it goes: Love- .178; Rubio 0.070; Beasley 0.063; Johnson- 0.026; Flynn- -0.015.)

It doesn’t really mean too much. Whether they were 1st team or 2nd team, it’s difficult to guess how a player’s career will wind up. I mean, Beasley was a 1st teamer, but Love was a 2nd; who wouldn’t take Love over Beasley? Notice that it’s taken Beasley 4 seasons to amass a whopping 0.004 more WS/48 than Williams already. It’s sad. Looking at the point guards, it’s not even close in terms of career success to say that Ricky Rubio is having a better career thus far. These things really don’t mean much, but they can be a fun thing to examine.

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