Kevin Love named to All-NBA Second Team

Kevin Love was named to the All-NBA Second Team

Today the NBA announced its All-NBA teams, and, needless to say, Kevin Love was elected to team numero dos. Now, honestly, this honor means next-to-nothing except that Love must’ve had a very good season to the oblivious simpleton, and his accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed by the NBA. But if these “teams” were legitimately concocted to honor the league’s best at their respected position, then I believe our very own K-Love should be shining alongside four others on the All-NBA First Team. Sure, a team of Kevin Durant and Lebron James playing the two forward slots is too good to be true but you can’t mean to tell me that either can play substantial minutes at the power forward position.

It’s no big deal but I guess it’s worth congratulating him for. He had one hell of a season, one certainly to remember, and, hopefully, it’ll only get better from here on out. Congrats, Kevin.

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