Draft Night Recap: The Budinger Trade

Was Budinger worth the 18th pick in the draft?

Jonah will be along later to talk about the Robbie Hummel pick. For the sake of posterity, here’s a list of all the players the Timberwolves could have drafted with the 18th pick that they traded for Chase Budinger. Let’s assume that Minnesota would have been looking for a wing shooter or a shot blocker if they had kept the pick. We are also assuming that they didn’t trade their pick up.

18. Terrence Jones- I like Jones, but Minnesota doesn’t need another 3-4 tweener.

19. Andrew Nicholson-Again, Nicholson played power forward in college. I think we are good.

20. Evan Fournier- Fournier is a wing, but he was a bit of a stretch at 20, and one of the knocks on him was his outside shooting ability. Pass.

21. Jared Sullinger- Boston got a huge steal by drafting lottery talent at 21, but the Wolves, again, don’t need a power forward.

22. Fab Melo- Thanks to a merciful God (and Danny Ainge), David Kahn didn’t trade up for him, as was rumored.

23. John Jenkins- Jenkins is an excellent shooter and as such, he’s the first real challenge to the Budinger trade. But would you rather draft someone who was a good shooter in college or trade for someone who has proven to be a good shooter in the NBA? I’m good with Budinger.

24. Jared Cunningham- He can’t really shoot, but of note (kind of), I once had a top comment on one of his YouTube videos. Wait, is that the sort of thing I should keep to myself?

25. Tony Wroten Jr.- A point guard who can’t shoot. The irony of this pick would have been rich. Let’s just move on.

26. Miles Plumlee- Lololol.

27. Arnett Moultrie- Moultrie slid, but he’s a good value at 27. Still, he’s yet another 3-4 tweener.

28. Perry Jones III- This one stings a little. Jones has superstar potential and he STILL slid to the 28th pick because of concerns regarding his knee. He could be a taller Tracy McGrady, he could be another Anthony Randolph. We don’t know. But it would have been fun to find out on the Wolves.

29. Marquis Teague- Teague is a point guard. We are set, thanks. Save your lame David Kahn/PG jokes.

30. Festus Ezeli- Derek was a fan. Ezeli is tall, strong, and athletic, and apparently a decent shot blocker. He also would have been a wild stretch at the 18th pick.

All in all, a good trade by David Kahn. There’s an excellent chance Budinger will start for the Wolves next season (barring any unforeseen free agent deals that make all of our jaws drop). At 18, the Wolves weren’t going to find that kind of talent at the positions they needed.

Well done, Mr. Kahn.

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