Rumor: Wolves interested in Alexey Shved?

Here’s the tough part about this story: Alexey Shved is a prospect from Russia, and as such, reports regarding any future NBA destinations come with questions of legitimacy. However, according to several reports, David Kahn has serious interest in Shved.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Shved, you are pardoned. Allow me to introduce him, beginning with the negatives. Shved is listed at 6’5 (although I’ve seen reports that he is as tall as 6’7), but just 161 lbs. At that height, he could play shooting guard in the NBA. But he will need to put on muscle, or he will get abused on defense. Because he isn’t incredibly strong, Shved has a tendency to avoid contact, which means he occasionally relies on his jump shot excessively.

But that jump shot is niiiice. Watch the video above. Shved has a smooth stroke, and he can shoot both off a pass and off the dribble. Scouts love his handle as well as his ability to see the floor and his basketball IQ. His crossover looks a lot like Rubio’s, deceptively deceptive and effective. Most notably, Shved is confident, and he can create shots for himself. If the Wolves did sign him, he wouldn’t need Rubio to create every shot for him. He would, however, offer another alley-oop target for Ricky. Though Shved isn’t strong, he is very quick and very bouncy.

Does all of this sound a little too good to be true? The only real knock against Shved is his strength, and he would be coming into a league that offers some of the best strength conditioning in the world. Whether or not he would ever fill out, his skillset certainly indicates that he could contribute well to an NBA team.

The main question, of course, is whether or not Shved could be bought out. He is under contract with CSKA Moscow for another year, so if the Wolves want to get him, they will probably have to pay money for him initially as well.

Personally, I’m excited. In Shved, the Wolves would gain the shooter they desperately crave as well as a shot creator who, unlike Brandon Roy, actually has a working set of knees. Shved might be just as much of a gamble as Roy, but personally, I’d rather bet on the guy who hasn’t been forced to retire from basketball due to career-ending knee injuries. Just my two cents, though.

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