Kevin Love to Yahoo!: "I want to win." We know, Kevin.

Ever since he started hanging out with that Team USA Kevin Love has become a lot more outspoken.

Ever since he started hanging out with that Team USA Kevin Love has become a lot more outspoken.

Admittedly, when I read the headline of the article from Marc Spears of Yahoo!, I thought that Kevin Love’s comments would be a little more incendiary or scathing. But they really weren’t. In fact, they were right in line with what Timberwolves fans have been saying for years: WE’RE SICK OF LOSING. And notice that Love essentially putting the front office on the spot isn’t exactly causing uproar is pretty telling of the views of outsiders, and no one seems to mind him voicing these opinions in a public forum.

Love’s frustrations are pretty understandable when he talks about not being able to talk playoff war stories with other members of Team USA even though he is a Top-10 player (at least) in the game. He wants to be successful, and from the sounds of it he would be OK with doing that in Minnesota. Take note of his word choice in the piece, particularly his use of “we”, he still wants to be here.

When Kevin was talking about improving the roster, commending the additions that have been made thus far, and mentioned that “We just can’t stand still”, I felt like my 3 Year Window post from last week was validated. In that piece, in case you missed it, I said that it may be more detrimental to the Wolves’ chances of keeping Love to be too afraid to trade a young player for a more expensive and talented veteran than attempting to make a big move to improve the team.

Even with all of that being said, it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to hold the Timberwolves hostage. The message appears to be simple: “Start winning or I’m out in 3 years.” Which is fine, because if you can’t win in 3 years you should probably start over anyway.

I like Kevin Love. I like that he cares. I like that he tries to get better every offseason. I like his 25-15 games. However, Love needs to make sure that he’s doing his part every night to make sure the Wolves are in the best position to win. By that I mean, quit whining to the officials about every missed call and get back on defense! Likewise, instead of leaving your man to take an open shot while you get in rebounding position, contest the shot and get a hand in his face.

Finally, if you’re the leader of the team by virtue of being its best player, they probably shouldn’t quit on the final month of the season. If guys aren’t in the huddle when coach is speaking or paying attention, which happened last season, get them in it. If this is Kevin Love’s team, he needs to be a complete leader, and not just by example, but also as an extension of the coaching staff, if you will. Coaches can bark at guys all day long, but when the players hold each other accountable, it creates a much better environment to operate in.

Anyway, this is really much about nothing. We’ve known for a while that Love wants to win, likes Minnesota, and wants to improve. It also seems apparent that the front office understands this judging by the Pau Gasol, Nic Batum, and the countless other players they’re tied to this offseason. At this point it’s really hard to disagree with anything that was said here.

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