Wolf Tracks 8/12-8/18

As busy as I’ve been this summer I still find time to carouse the internet for random Wolves nuggets but for the last year I’ve failed to share them all with you. With that, I hope to start doing weekly Wolf Tracks again. So, without further adieu…

  • Glen Taylor spoke out yesterday about multiple subjects, including Ricky Rubio’s recovery. Sounds like everything is going great and Ricky’s ahead of schedule, pegging him for a December return.
  • Taylor also touched on the fluid state of the 2-guard this season. An injured Roy or an unexperienced Shved: Who’s the starter? “Now the question will be Brandon Roy, who said he’s ready. We’ll see how he handles practices.”
  • Finally, from the same article, Taylor says he thinks that Kahn is done with any impactful moves, contrary to what some believe after Kahn’s comments regarding making a move after the Olympics. “I think David (Kahn) will continue to check in with other teams, but my sense is he’s pretty well (done).”
  • Check out this twitpic of Alexey Shved being congratulated on his bronze medal. Classic.
  • According to Darren Wolfson’s tweet, the Wolves have interest in Joe Ingles, former teammate of Rubio for FC Barcelona. He’ll remain in Spain this season but may become free agent next summer.
  • Also according to Doogie, the Wolves don’t have any interest in signing center Jerome Jordan.
  • Many of you already had this conversation with me but Sam Amico reported that the Wolves and Cavs may be talking a big deal. Names include, but not limited to, Derrick Williams, Luke Ridnour and Anderson Varejao. General consensus has Wolves fans not in favor of this one.
  • Wolves FastBreak Foundation is now accepting applications for 2012-2013 monthly grants. They have seven grants worth $5,000 a piece.
  • Robbie Hummel dashed for Spain — and guaranteed playing time.
  • Kevin Love’s ready to get back to work after the Olympics with the season just around the corner.
  • Finally, I want to pay respects, once again, to the passing of Tim Allen. Never knew him personally but he sure made me want to with all his great coverage and unending passion for the Wolves. RIP.

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